Campus Ministry


Welcome to Campus Ministry at St. Peter's!


We're glad you found us!

We are the church on the corner of Packer and Vine with the red doors --
and our doors are always open to you.

Whoever you are, 
whatever your faith tradition, 
whatever your involvement in the church has been,






Sunday Morning 8:45 AM

11:00 AM (Light of Christ Campus)


Wednesday 6:30 PM - Chapel - Holden Evening Prayer

With Communion



Bible Study

Thursday morning 9:00 AM (Light of Christ Campus)

Thursday evening 6:30 PM (Light of Christ Campus)


Join us each Thursday at 11:30 AM for

Free Hot Dogs and Water after classes resume!


Fellowship Meal  at in our social room

Scheduled based on availibilty of those interested.

(enter at back of the parking lot).



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